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Stefanie Carmickle DNP/AG-ACNP

Genia Medley, ACNP-BC

Stefanie Carmickle DNP/AG-ACNP


Stefanie is a board certified Nurse Practitioner. She started her medical journey at the University of Kentucky, earning her undergrad degrees in Biology and Nursing in 2009, and then a Doctorate in Nurse Practice specializing in Adult Gerontology and Acute Care. She has extensive experience in the ICU, ER, PACU, Radiation Medicine, and Research. Her passion for functional medicine and long time friendship with fellow Optimize U owner, Jessica Matis led her to discover the field of BHRT. Stefanie has a profound desire to help people to look and feel their best. She has always been fascinated by anti-aging medicine and to that end will be expanding her practice to offer aesthetic services in the near future. In her spare time Stefanie enjoys traveling, practicing yoga, cooking, and spending time with her husband and 3 boys.

Genia Medley, ACNP-BC

Genia Medley is a dedicated healthcare professional holding a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a specialization in Critical Care. She began her nursing journey at Fort Sanders School of Nursing and obtained her BSN from the University of Phoenix. Her thirst for knowledge led her to obtaining her MSN degree from the University of South Alabama- Mobile. Genia is located at Optimize U London. It was during her own health journey that she discovered the benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. This experience sparked her interest in a holistic health approach, ultimately leading them to Optimize U. Outside of her professional endeavors, Genia finds joy and relaxation in farming and spending time with her horses. After years of tirelessly caring for the sick, Genia aspired to transition to a role where they can promote wellness and preventive care, embodying a shift to the opposite end of the healthcare spectrum.