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DeShon WillsDeShon Wills
20:52 25 Sep 23
Douglas MossDouglas Moss
20:42 25 Sep 23
By far the best health optimization clinic in the South East.
Joshua ChinqueeJoshua Chinquee
20:17 25 Sep 23
Jule PaceJule Pace
18:35 25 Sep 23
I had the best experience at Optimize U in Clarksville, TN. Not much of a wait, very helpful staff! Hannah did a very great job of over explaining the benefits of the machines available in the shop, she made things less intimidating for me. 10/10 experience !
Hannah WilsonHannah Wilson
18:15 25 Sep 23
Jon DuleyJon Duley
01:37 21 Sep 23
Great service and staff! They educated me on how to inject myself safely at home and provide all the supplies. Erica helped me refill my medication through the text refill line. Never been easier to be optimized!
David LeipzigDavid Leipzig
20:54 21 Aug 23
Going to Optimize U has changed my life. Matt is an extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful practitioner, and Monica, Hunter, and Dani are always so friendly and helpful. I go as often as possible to cold plunge or do cryotherapy, and it's always a highlight of my day. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone seeking hormone optimization and interested in benefiting from cold exposure therapies.
Edward MasseyEdward Massey
15:56 07 Jul 23
Recovery here is amazing and Hannah is always a big help and makes the time there a joy. Thanks Optimize U for the experience!
tristan reedtristan reed
19:56 30 Jun 23
Great place, super helpful, friendly staff, and TransparentI recommend them to everyone.
Nicholash CacheNicholash Cache
18:44 29 Jun 23
Optimize U is an excellent company for helping achieve the health goals and body look that you want to accomplish. I’ve been a member for about 5 years now and it’s the best decision I could have made. The staff are are very knowledgeable and supportive especially Hannah. Hannah was the first staff that I met and she aided me becoming a member. She always sufficiently and expeditiously get my orders in and provide answers to questions that I have.
Amber FainAmber Fain
15:05 29 Jun 23
Hannah is AMAZING! She is always able to answer any questions I have and makes sure to make you feel so welcome.
jason kumiyamajason kumiyama
16:36 26 May 23
Was feeling off and after doing some research decided to get my levels tested. After the results came back the Dr. Took time to explain everything in my blood work. Better than any other Dr. Or clinic anywhere else. They do not pressure you into anything and even let you keep you lab panels Incase you wanted to go to you PC. Now I’m feeling way better and energy levels as if I was in my 20s again. Super friendly staff!!! Super Clean facilities, and absolutely love the IR sauna!!! They make ordering refills a breeze and the daily greens they have are amazing. Sadly google only goes up to 5 stars cause they are definitely a 10 out of 10 hands down!!!
Dedra RobertsDedra Roberts
16:30 26 May 23
Friendly staff, always willing to answer questions and help in any way possible. Services offered are great for people with PCM’s that refuse to test or treat patients.
Travis GoeringTravis Goering
19:23 06 May 23
Extremely helpful and professional. The ladies up front are awesome. Hannah has drawn my labs twice now, and is always helpful explaining different services/products available.
Ty RobertsTy Roberts
13:45 04 Apr 23
Very plush and inviting waiting area. Treatments and blood work are reasonably priced. The staff is attentive and when able to communicate with them are helpful.The communication chain is disappointing. Emails are slowly responded to, order updates and tracking capabilities aren’t initially provided, and you aren’t linked directly to the 3rd party pharmacy if there are concerns. Also, though no fault of Optimize U, the pharmacy was underwhelming.Optimize U is worth giving a try, using its features, I.e, cryo etc, and some of their offered treatments. It is not perfect.
will langleywill langley
15:39 13 Jan 23
So far, so good. Hannah and the staff are great. The facility is clean and has excellent equipment to help meet my goals. The comprehensive consultation and inbody service provided me with vital information about my health. OptimizeU is must for anyone looking to improve their overall health.
John H.John H.
18:11 11 Jan 23
Staff is very friendly and super helpful.Was a little skeptical at first when Hannah missed the vein in my arm and I somehow ended up with the needle in my neck, but she quickly recovered and was able to stop the bleeding with a tourniquet. When I came to, she had all the blood she needed and had even managed to get me back in the chair and get my hoodie back on (she even made sure the strings were the same length on each side, thnx ;-)).All in all, it was a great experience!

Clarksville, Tennessee

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