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13:45 26 Mar 24
Staff is amazing!! I tore my Achilles tendon and have been doing the cryotherapy daily and it has made a huge difference in my recovery. I can’t say enough about the staff. They go above and beyond to help you in anyway they can.
Andrew EllisonAndrew Ellison
19:30 04 Jan 24
Been with them for years, highly recommend, wouldn't do without their services!
Curtis KingCurtis King
13:50 29 Nov 23
Optimize U is my favorite place to go when it comes to recovering or getting a good sauna session in!The thing puts the icing on the cake for me though is their cold plunge tub has helped me with my inflammation I get in my knees and it has its own built in discipline/mind fortifier to it if you stay consistent with it!Problems with a joint pain take a plunge for a month and experience the change!Having a bad day? Go take a plunge and you'll be shivering with a smile before you get to your car, guaranteed!The people are so friendly and welcoming, as well they are informed on their products and has the ability to answer questions you might have about certain things such as hormone treatments!If you're thinking about getting healthier physically or mentally or already a workout person but don't have a recovery tool, I would recommend this place 100%!
melanie millermelanie miller
20:23 24 Nov 23
Have been coming to optimize u Paducah KY for about 4 years, wouldn’t do that if I didn’t ADORE the staff!! They are always over the top above and beyond helpful,& I am super appreciative of their help and friendliness.
Kevin BridgesKevin Bridges
22:20 09 Nov 23
Bob PulleyBob Pulley
22:19 09 Nov 23
Kirk ShippKirk Shipp
18:16 02 Oct 23
Amazing results and everyone here is really helpful. Couldn't ask for a better group of people for help with health concerns. If you're experiencing any hormonal symptoms, get yourself down there asap. Four weeks after starting and I'm already feeling a lot better!
Matthew DMatthew D
19:39 10 Jul 23
Great people that offer great services. TRT has overall made my life better and having energy, along with just feeling overall good, has made life more enjoyable now. I would recommend them to anyone looking for TRT services.
Josh FoxJosh Fox
13:48 30 May 23
Amy RobertsonAmy Robertson
17:44 26 Oct 22
Amazing people!
Phillip PacePhillip Pace
01:22 23 Sep 22
Great place
Michael AntoshMichael Antosh
15:23 01 Aug 22
Been with Optimize for awhile now and can't say enough about all the staff there. Polite and professional, definitely worth talking with them to see if they're a good fit for you. I know they're a great fit for me
Tiffany BurdenTiffany Burden
20:31 05 Mar 21
Jena and Josh have the most wonderful personalities. Jena is such a sweetheart and Josh is devoted to his work. Very personable personalities and genuine people. They provide services that are very professional and clean with exceptional customer satisfaction. They make the experience very personal. Love these two and their company. I will continue to receive services from Jena Ruxer, medical spa services.
Annie HallAnnie Hall
20:43 27 Feb 20
This place is amazing! Jerry and the rest of the staff are very professional and friendly! They genuinely care about their clients! They don’t push their products on you and are very accommodating when it comes to being able to demo what services they offer!I originally came to Revive due to wanting to know more about my body with the substantial blood work tests they offer, and I’m glad I did. They are very knowledgeable and will help you to be aware of how you’re functioning without being overbearing m. They take their time to offer recommendations both holistic and if necessary supplemented.Now I’ve been recovering from a surgical procedure and I personally have benefitted from the cryotherapy along with the compression therapy! These have been pivotal for me to reduce my swelling, pain, fatigue and promote healing! Swelling can be both physically and mentally taxing so I’m so grateful to Revive.I look forward to trying their other services in the future including the float therapy and the infrared sauna as there’s also research that backs the benefits of these as well!Thanks Revive!
Ja LoJa Lo
14:36 11 Jun 19
I have been under the care of Optimize U since they began. Awesome group, good at what they do. They have grown much bigger from what they began but the personalized care has NEVER changed. Care from Optimize U will focus on YOU and not what "average" or "Normal" is. They will Optimize YOU.

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Jerry Smith, PA-C

Brandon Strenge, MD

Jena Ruxer, MD

Jerry Smith, PA-C


Jerry obtained a bachelor of science and clinical laboratory science degree studying at both the University of Kentucky and Eastern Kentucky University. He then attended Bethel College Physician Assistant program and has subsequently worked in hospital medicine, emergency medicine, and orthopedic spine surgery. He has served as a liaison for Physician Assistants across Western Kentucky to the governing body for the Kentucky Society of Physician Assistants.

Brandon Strenge, MD


Brandon Strenge MD has worked at The Orthopedic Institute of Western Kentucky since 2009 as an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

Dr. Strenge went to school at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine then did an Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program with a fellowship at the The Spine Institute at Santa Monica.

Dr. Strenge took a personal look at hormones when he started experiencing all the symptoms he now sees in his patients and realized the importance of hormone optimization in the public to help curb the rise in comorbidities and needed surgeries.

Jena Ruxer, MD


Jena Ruxer MD started her journey to help people at the University of Louisville, where she finished getting her Medical Degree. She then spent 7 years honing her skills as a Hospitalist.

In 2015, Dr. Ruxer found a love for the Aesthetic field and started her own business called “Jena Ruxer MD.” It was in this field she fell in love with helping people get back to feeling how they felt when they were younger, both inside and out.  Not only was Dr. Ruxer been able to help hundreds of people with “Jena Ruxer MD,” she was able to branch out into hormone optimization, helping people get back to feeling like themselves.  Dr. Ruxer along with the other partners started revive in 2017.

Jake Beggs