Normal Is
Not Optimal

Start your journey by getting your blood drawn to get a comprehensive lab baseline. It’s important to know your levels so we can discuss symptoms and how to optimize your lab values.

Hormone Therapy

Your Goals


Feel Hopeful And Empowered Again

Optimize U can help you feel better Physically… Mentally… and Sexually!


  • Makes you feel better

  • Improves angle of motion

  • Quickens athletic recovery

  • Increases vitality

  • Improves anti-aging

  • Triggers weight loss

  • Boost Performance

  • Enables muscle relaxation

  • Reduces inflammations

IR Saunas

  • Better sleep

  • Burn calories

  • Improve circulation

  • Clearer tighter skin

  • Ease chronic fatigue


  • Better sleep
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Reduce swelling
  • Recovery more quickly and get back to doing what you love.


  • Better sleep
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Heal tissue
  • Increase energy and improve digestive funtion

It’s time to revive your life.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet your goals

Cryotherapy at Optimize U

It’s time to revive your life.

Why Optimize U?

Proven Experience

Our locally owned clinics are all run by licensed and trained healthcare professionals whose passion is making a difference in your lifeWe pride ourselves on continuously educating all of our practitioners to be up to date on all of the latest information to ensure optimal care 

Affordable Care

With our all-in-one pricing, you receive Hormone Optimization, ongoing lab work, office visits, supplies and Recovery with one low price. While other clinics often have to raise their pricing due to inflation, we work constantly with our partner pharmacies and lab companies to ensure pricing will always be affordable.

Longer Consultations

Ever wanted to spend an hour with your practitioner to make sure all of your questions have been answered? You got it, we will spend as much time as needed with you to ensure you are comfortable and knowledgeable about your journey to optimize your life.  

Delivered to Your Door: No need to come in for weekly injections.

Don’t worry about having to go to a pharmacy, we send your medications directly to your doorstep in a discrete box for your convenienceWhen you’re ready for a refill, just let the staff know and they will get your next order on its way to your door.  

What is the Process?


Contact Us

Contact the office closest to you via phone or through our web contact form. This will give us the information we need to get you started.

We have 18 locations across the Midwest and West Coast to best serve our clients’ needs. 


Get your Labs

To begin the process we draw blood to find out where you are currently at.

Each of our locations is equipped with the ability to draw your labs but if it’s more convenient for you, we can order your labs at any LabCorp location.


Set an Appointment

Once your labs are back, we will set an appointment to meet with one of our providers to review your labs and determine if hormone therapy is right for you.

You can meet face-to-face or we can set up a telemedicine conference.


Formulate a Plan

After we decide that therapy is right for you, we will discuss the various treatment options we have and choose the one that best suits your goals.

We will continue to work together to adjust your plan as your goals change.

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